Fibre Optic Gyro Compass
NAVIGAT 3000 Gyro Compass

The NAVIGAT 3000 high quality fibre  optical gyrocompass system provides autonomous and fast heading alignment at sea.

The highly reliable Fibre Optic Gyro Compass (FOG) provides a compact and very cost effective AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) that offers simplicity of use, reliability and very high accuracy.

NAVIGAT 3000 Fibre-Optic Heading and Attitude Reference System
The NAVIGAT 3000 is the flagship of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine’s successful gyrocompass portfolio with over 20 years of
experience in fibre-optic gyrocompass technology. With an ultra-fast settling time, better than Hemispherical Resonator Gyros (HRGs), unique field MTBF and its high precision outputs of rate-of-turn, roll, pitch, x-/y-/z-rates and heave, the NAVIGAT 3000 is the ideal solution for any vessel application, especially for dynamic positioning (DP) systems, platforms and cruise liners.

The NAVIGAT 3000 is fully type approved, including high-speed craft (HSC) and integrated navigation systems (INS). The type
approved rate-of-turn output can be used instead of a separate rate gyro (dual NAVIGAT 3000 required

Standard Features

Standard NAVIGAT 3000 features include the provision of roll and pitch data x/y/z rate and heave in addition to heading  information, with a settling time of maximum of 30 minutes. Its solid state nature is unaffected to  speed / latitude error and provides 12 serial interfaces for heading repeaters plus 6 serial interfaces for heading receivers and analogue outputs. Besides the primary sensed angular rates and acceleration in all 3 axes also the velocities and dynamic heave are computed and transmitted.

 The NAVIGAT 3000 can be extended to a heading management system by using an operator unit and a distribution unit. The Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine NAVIGAT X MK 1 gyro compasses and magnetic compasses can also be added.


Easy Onboard Installation

An installation tray is provides for easy onboard installation, at any vertical mounting orientation,  where the respective mounting correction angles are entered in the NAVIGAT 3000 during installation. The NAVIGAT 3000 comprises Sensor Unit & Interface, Power Supply Unit & Control and Display Unit.

The NAVIGAT 3000 offers small size (volume = 3,6l ) and low weight (< 3,5 kg) for applications onboard mega yachts, cargo vessels and cruise liners.

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