CA Clase Marinelektronik AB  can supply state of the art navigation equipment for vessels and fixed installations. Including the most comprehensive and sophisticated navigation equipment’s available in the market today.

We have been in the market of selling marine electronics since 1912 and this give our customers an good technical support which could select the best suitable equipment for our customers.  During all this years we have built up relationship with the best manufactures in Maritime market. This give our customers an outstanding selection of the best brands in the market today.

We sell Radar and much more from major manufactures as Sperry Marine, Simrad, Skipper and many more.

  • 3cm 10cm band Marine Radars
  • Gyro, Magnetic compasses, Compass repeaters
  • Autopilots, Steeringsystems and pumps
  • AIS Systems
  • VDR & SVDR Systems
  • Log Systems, Doppler and EML.
  • Navigation Echo Sounders
  • ECDIS Chart Plotting
  • Anemometers
  • PA-Systems and intercomm
  • Specialproducts as Wipers, Professional Chairs, and much moore.

Our technicans are trained and certified by the manufactures we represent.

Give us an call on + 46 31 647200 or a mail on for more information or to see how we best can support you.